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Our gem

Updated: May 5, 2021

Something we are especially proud of is our wood fired oven that makes Lissome pizza look and taste so good. There are only a few artisan Neapolitan wood fired oven manufacturers in the world and we were lucky enough to find the best one. It took us over two months to build this gem brick-by-brick and you will understand why it was worth the hassle when you try our pizza.

We use pizza stone as a surface to absorb the moisture and get that puffy crust we all love so much. Dome-shaped pizza oven allows us to distribute the heat evenly and cook the pizza thoroughly in just a few minutes. We see this as a win-win, you get your order in no time and we ensure our pizza toppings are soft and juicy while keeping the crust perfectly crispy (cause no one likes soggy bottoms, right? If you do, let us know).

Excited to try Lissome pizza yet? Come visit us in Dalston and get your cravings satisfied.

open fire in Italian pizza oven
Wood fired oven at Lissome



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