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What's poppin?

Hello friends. It's been a minute since the last blog post... Sorry for being MIA on here. But if you'd like to see a bit more of our day-to-day life, head over to our Instagram @lissomerestaurant :) Now to some serious news. New menu is finally up and there are quite a few things we’re sure you’d love to try!

It took us over three weeks of creating, developing and testing, so we could finally come up with a perfect selection for you. Your feedback is very much appreciated, if you have ever dined at Lissome, please please let us know - we love reading your reviews, reposting your stories and chatting to you in the restaurant of course. A quick feedback takes a minute of your time, but it's a great way for us to improve ♥

Hope to see you around soon.

Lissome team



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